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10 juin 2020

Omega No Sunshine (2020)

Omega No Sunshine is an arcade video game.

you control a character in a world near to its end.

but you can save everything,you'll need to travel across

different place and get sun seeds.

And when (the story) the base game is finished.

you are known and have full access to Omega Dynasty

which contain all new content and updates.

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FRANCAIS uniquement

Xart 21 (release End 2020)

FRENCH and ENGLISH   [release 2022]


Xart will be a colorful role playing game.

you'll control a character called Xue lost in a digital world,

her own world as she was a developer.

This video game i not about magic visuals,but about a long

travel to discover things,people and new place.

Travel,talk,fight,save people,discover hidden road or hidden items.

live to 400% in this video game inspired by Crystal's Heart,

a rpg that met a huge success.

it is an actual work,the release is for november or december 2020.

Xart 22 could also be worked in 2021,keeping Xart 21 as its beginning.

Xart 21 is the first video game that will not be available on physical support (CD/DVD)

Xart 21 will be between 5 and 15 € as public pricing.


we hope to deliver various and incredible experience.

you are curious ? an advendturer ? you want to spend a cool time

thinking at another thing than the usual days ?

Trust us in this mission.

ADDED : well,you know all about future (Xart21)

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