Q1 How to have fresh news ?

about the studio,or our video games,

you'll find our latest news up,there, the gree NEWS text,click on it !

Q2 I bought a video game,but it is a one player video game,will it have new updates ?

it depend about where we currently are on the game support plan of course.

But when you buy one of our video game,you are registered,so it mean that we will contact you if an update is available through your email adress.

Q3 i received a mail about an update,how its work ?

you'll have to download the video game in its new version.when you have it,put the main directory near of the old one, copy your .sav file and paste it in the new directory at the same place.when your save file is in the new version,just play it and it will be available to continue where you were. when you are sure that all is okay,supress the old game version.

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