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11/ Studio / the new plan :

our next video change will finally change of name.

[??? title to reveal]

- launch january the 1st

- a 2021 edition with one,big,dungeon.

- a deluxe edition 

10/ Studio / work plan :

Hi everyone ,long time huh ? the cosmos studio have now right on the Galoxyum name.But well ,we have more to say at everyone !

Let's introduce the following dev plan we have !


- november the 11th ,update midnight

- february the 14th 2021, omazed extension (need a small payment for this extension,public price at 3$)


this is still a future game in work

-june the 10th 2021 ,early access of the game

arcade/story mode (public price at 15$)

-august the 10th 2021, vmaze update

adding an new arcade maze

-november the 11th

omazed extension (this first one is free)

-June the 10th 2022

omazed second extension (public price at 5$)

-november the 11th 2022

omazed third extension (same.)

a deluxe edition for ONS2 is in thought as put the extension together would probably be more suited.

so that's it,for our 2years long term work planned.

Omega no sunshine will be our weapon,we'll keep the same engine as financial situation want it, but yup,things will be craaazyyy. we'll bring Rpg (role playing game) inside omega no sunshine.

starting february 14th omega no sunshine will become an arcade/rpg .we'll work hard,hoping you'll love all the content we plan to release in the future.

please,protect yourself and your family from covid19.

we love you.


9/ [CHECKPOINT] Omega no sunshine :

the game that need a payment have not a great succes,

this is now available for free ! and an extreme amount of players seem to enjoy it now.

we hope that they'll also think about Omega No Sunshine 2 as this is planned 2021.


8/ [NOPE] covid-19 digital meeting :

a lot of digital meet will be done between members of the Helyum group,to bring the different companies into new goal,fully possible,and that of course,respect what the different part want to do.

C0sm0s will talk in these different meeting about the difficulties we actually have to bring life into our next project.we officially announce the two project strongly announced as definitely died (CH symphony and Skyblack) .but even each at home,we continue to work.

symphony was mean to please our old french players while skyblack was oriented to show at other people a cool video game. these good intent are unfortunately put down to zero.

but a project that put the two values in one game is under strong reflections and we already work on story strings.we hope we can tell more to you soon !


7/ [NOPE] it will be...Xart :

Edit :

A lot of change has been up,unfortunately,due to covid-19 ,a lot of meet cancel and some ressources we can't have in the right time,there the precision :

Project canceled Xart, Project Crystal's Heart Symphony,Project SkyBlack


6/ [R and D] Future of C0sm0S :

we hope,obviously,to work in the future on our own fully original we are currently in some research to find,work,re-work and re-re-work some ideas that could be pretty cool as a future project.

we will buy the "Crystal's Heart" license,as we love a lot this video game and,perhaps ,give it a second game of the same title.whatever we do,epic rpg could come from us.



Omega No Sunshine :

Omega No Sunshine is not a good sell but this is a cool game and we expect it to be successful with time.

stay planned : the June update to bring a new big place to run in.


4/ [LAUNCH] Omega No Sunshine :

Omega No Sunshine is celebrating its launch with two version, free trial (demo) edition and the complete game version 1.1.2.

Furthermore, the update plan has been unveilled


3/ [SPECIAL] we became C0sm0s :

Hosaka Games get Karine eihen from Galoxyum as a developer. Anon Hosuka (Hosaka Games) and Karine Eihen (Galoxyum) are now founders of the company called "C0sm0s" .This website have so,many parts changed for this wonderful day.

Omega No Sunshine will be released january the 1st as promised,and we hope that a lot of players will love it



soon,Omega No Sunshine will be fully in Hosaka Games hands.The release version could be gold at middle of december.Hosaka Games will work on two big udpate that'll come a along 2020.

The release date is january the 1st while my first update will come near of March,the second one is the biggest and last one,the second update is planned for december 2020.

These,are not precise date,i'll talk about it later of course.



Hosaka Games will take care of Omega No Sunshine, a video game previously made by the Galoxyum studio. i worked in this game, and it will stay the case. i will fully respect the game identity. they gave me all the right on this title and also a thing to do,deliver updates for 2020.of course,i will respect it,i hope a lot of people will play this video game as it is a colorful and cool game.And i will also bring my support on this journey with,yep,many updates that bring content.

2020 ? it is only the beginning for me.

NOW/ Omega No Sunshine 1.1.3 :

The video game is now free for everyone.

don't miss this cool video game !!!


NEXT/ Omega No Sunshine :

>> next update for november the 11th

it'll bring a new place/maze that

we call "midnight" . for free.

> Following : january the 1st

Launch of a new video game

the 2021 edition include on dungeon,a big one



-we are partner on a next gen video game for console #Xbox #Racing . Release in november.

- we also work on a new video game

coming in january the 1st !

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