What is Omega No Sunshine ?

Omega No Sunshine is an Arcade video game made by the Galoxyum studio.

When you start this game,you have to select between two language, french or english.

And then,select a character,this have no effect on the game since this is not really a game oriented to have a deep story.

But, you are a character that will try to get all the sun seed in different places,because this year the summer is really cold,and without these seeds, no more summer could come back at all. you'll visit these place,take all the seeds and then go to the next place.At the end of the base game you'll be at some trials.They are really big floor that put yourself in a bigger difficult.

Further,the base game will not be the only feature in ONS (Omega No Sunhine), you'll also gain access to a map called "Omega dynasty".In fact this is where all new updates will be after their respective release. (for now) two special place will be in "Omega Dynasty" , the first place is inspired by retro-gaming , while the second is inspired by castles.

How to get updates of the game ?

Our video games,are kinda special in term of management.

we replace an old version of the game by a new,update,all fresh ^^

,so,if you have the old version,how to get a new one ?

you'll have to upload it again (the game is not heavy on hard drive)

take a files that finish by "xxx.sav" of the old version

and place it in the same directiry of the new version.

Play the new version,and like this,you could play again where you was

Naming of updates/version

1.1.0 mean it is about the base game

1.2.0 mean it is about the "Omega dynasty"

so it could be 1.1.304 for example, it would be the 304th update of the game and

it deal with base game issues or enhancements.

Contents( /and planned) [this section will be updated with time]


first theme adventure (mainly green,with nature details)

-1 simple place (3 floors , floor size is about number 15)

-1 simple place (3 floors of 15)

-1 Boss place (10 floors of 15)

second theme love (mainly pink,a little brown, with red flower detail)

-1 simple place (3floors of size 16)

-1 simple place (3 floors of 16)

-1 Boss place (10 floors of 16)

Trials section

-First trial (1 floor of size 100) (on the first theme)

-Second trial (2 floors of size 100) (on the second theme)

-Third and final trial (2 floors of size 100)(mixed theme)

>>>this is the content of the base game and you'll gain acces to "Omega Dynasty"


- 1 place "Retrogaming" (6 floors of size 80)

- 1 place "Castles" (2 floors of size 80)

edit: -1 place 'sandy shores" (5 floors of size 33 to 120)

-a room for a change of character, and two new characters Retroman,and a Cow

This is what you'll have for the release date (january first 2020) version 1.1.0

Payment Methods

it is fully secured by Paypal.

order now,receive it soon :


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